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01 Mar


This island is absurd.

Everyone seems to be in some sort of trance, and mere mention of the name “Miraak” gives them what near-amounts to a whiplash of memory! Everything points to the nearby shrine and the “Temple” further inland. I’ve done some cautious investigating of the shrine- and inexplicably found out what’s causing the madness- TOUCHING these “Waystone” like objects. Something is corrupting them from elsewhere! I dare not touch it again- for one touch had me working along side many others into building a massive structure around it. I think it was my Dragon Soul that prevented me from staying that way.

A nearby mage found it curious, but I ignored him for now. I traveled the island a bit- doing some more investigating. Insanity! Insanity all around! This island- part of Morrowind- is half buried in ash. There’s…a curious effect that makes men made out of this ash spawn at will! I haven’t found what causes them yet- although I did stop a resurrected zombie of a man who was sending them intentionally on attacks.

I’ve found some mages that are practicing absurd spells too- watched one of them fling himself into the sky by thinking he could fly– and then promptly crashed back into the ground again. There is much hints of madness here. A Mage was practicing an “Ash guardian” spell nearby…his sister? His co-worker? a while ago, and when I came by to revisit them- the woman was dead and he seemed indifferent.

I found the “Temple of Miraak” finally– littered with dragon skeletons. Suddenly I got a bad vibe from this place. It got worse when I stumbled upon a Skaald woman who was trying to get her fellow villagers away from the place. As we discussed what was going on- More Cultists appeared to attack us! I quickly sent one flying into the horizon with the Pogo hammer- and together we slayed the other before entering the temple- and then I learned who Miraak was.

He is a Dragonborn just like I am.

And he is returning.

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