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01 Mar


As we descended through Miraak’s temple, a sense of dread grew and grew. Miraak was a Dragon Priest who had turned against the Dragons upon discovering he was Dragonborn. Something happened- from his betrayal I’m guessing- and Miraak’s temple was razed to the ground by the Dragons. So what happened to make them so mad?

I’m guessing it’s due to this ‘black book’ I’ve found…but more on that in a moment. Miraak’s temple is absolutely FILLED with traps, cultists, and draugr. After reaching the core of the temple- we found this odd black book. It felt…Evil. But touching It- I was teleported to another realm- Apochrypha. I met MIraak briefly- he shocked me with lightning before I could get the drop on him- and he *Boasted* his powers by shouting a glowy aspect thing around his body.

To top it all off- he hopped onto a dragon and rode it out into the distance.

Then I woke up- and went to the Skaald’s village- where I found out that the whole town was enslaved- with only a few free from Miraak’s control. The Village elder sent me to a nearby Dragon peak to learn one of Miraak’s own shouts- so that I could use it to break the control on the “Earth Stone” that was holding the villagers captive. I ended up fighting many Draugr and a Dragon during that climb to get that one shout fragment.

Then as I slayed the dragon- Miraak somehow STOLE the soul away from me! I couldn’t hear what he was saying over the roar of the storm around me, but I could tell he was being condescending from the one line I heard clearly. Something about “Controlling a Dragon’s Soul.”

Whatever it was- that was the last straw. You can try to control an island- but you are not- I REPEAT ARE NOT going to steal a Dragon’s soul away from me.

I destroyed his little shrine around the stone entrapping the Skaald villagers with his own Shout- and I plan on doing it to the rest once I get out of this…Realm of Oblivion.

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