25 Feb


Well, “Today” has been fun. Went on some dungeon crawls- those are always fun- also did some thieves gUild business that took a long while to accomplish. Oh- and I ran into Babette out in the middle of a frozen wasteland. We chatted for a while as we walked back to Dawnstar- and as we passed through Winterhold- a Dragon Attacked! Bloody Oblivion, these beasties are getting more and more excitable!

I took care of that- and continued on through some other areas. Soon enough, I ended up losing track of Babette.  While I tried to find her, I stumbled upon some some Werewolf hunters! How despicable, locking them up like that. Also, during our walk, we ran into an Argonian who I apparently encountered during my drunken ‘night to remember’ some time ago. I didn’t recognize the man at all. So I paid him off for his troubles, and we went on our way.

I took care of a few other pesky Dragur dens, and cleared out a few mines of spiders. Also, I wound up fighting a dragon with nothing but these “Force” spells I’d acquired at some point. The Guards helping me fight it got in the way however- all three are dead, and I don’t know whether from my hands or the Dragon’s teeth. Oh well. I’ve been trying to locate the Dragon’s roost to root out if it happens to have a Word Wall near it or not. No luck on that so far, but I DID see some spectacUlar views as payment for my troubles! Now onto my rant:

It took me SEVERAL rewinds to pickpocket a single woman. Good Grief, these Companions are simply Too Good! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they had the instincts of a wild animal! In the end, after trying so many, many times (She seemed to be getting smugger each time she caught me on a rewind), I finally got her by distracting her with this “Get Over Here” spell I ‘learned’ from Whiterun’s mage. While she was getting up, I simply sneaked the gem out of her pockets.

That’s all for now, dear journal.

> Dragonborn

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