gUild master

31 Jan


Well, having completed most of the tasks given me by Vex and Delvin, I was finally decided ‘ready’ to be Guild master of the Thieve’s Guild. It was a simple ceremony, nothing too elaborate. Some people are acting rather “bone-headed stupid”, according to a description my brother gave, and I’m inclined to believe him more so. A lot of people, despite news traveling very fast in Skyrim, seem to have missed the news of other things! Such as the war being over, or someone being dead…?

Curiously, my compass seems to have been damaged at some point- It’s been refusing to show the locations of where I’ve set it to show me. Odd, but not too bad, anyways. A few things that appear off are at least relatively close by. Also, randomly found the owner of a missing instrument, and recovered some lost armor a soldier had lost once.

Raided some more dungeons today, and ran into someone very stupid. Didn’t look where she was running- stepped right into a spike plate. SqUish! Did some DB contracts as well. A few familiar ones, others not so familiar. I swear this one “Grave digger” has resurrected herself multiple times by now! Eh, although just before that one of the Crypt keepers said that the cold weather did keep bodies fresh… Perhaps I’m not finishing the job well enough?? I don’t know!

> Wyrmstooth

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