23 Dec


As expected, my brother and Serana hit it off quite well. That said, everyone at the Sanctuary did seem to like her. Due to her not really having any other place to go other than Ft. Dwngrd, I offered her a place at the Dwarven tower I’d found some time back, which has since been relocated to the exterior of the primary entrance of the Sanctuary. Due to said entrance being far out of the way, the tower itself is not immediately visible inside Dawnstar proper. QUite curious.

My little tower has been stocked up fairly well at the moment, and I think it soon shall be a permanent fixture of the Sanctuary! If I can figure out how to duplicate the return rings, I can give them to the other members, and should they need to make quick escapes, they could use the rings to do such!

I’ve done some more wandering, found some more Nordic ruins, discovered some word walls, slayed some dragons (Four in total today! Why, I must ask, do they keep aggressing people who wander past?)

However, I do believe that I am going to go investigate the Blackreach cavern, located far underneath Skyrim. I really need to look into this “Crimson Ninroot” thing, as well as suss out if there indeed is a dragon down there (I’ve heard some shout echos when I neared Blackreach entrances) and if so, how the bloody thing got down there!

In other business, I’ve done some quick jobs for the Thieve’s Guild. Mostly the usual Shill and Sweep jobs, but… Delven offered me a custom job from someone in Whiterun! Apparently someone wasn’t too happy about the Stormcloak occupation, and so wanted to ‘stick it’ to them while also rescuing an old friend of theirs from the headsman in Solitude (What a brUtal display!). That done, simply enough, and I think soon enough that my little web of mayhem through Skyrim shall be stable enough to begin considering branching out elsewhere. I hear the Companions are recruiting… Perhaps I can some how get to be the head of their little group?

> Blackreached

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