Breaking Even

13 Dec


Serana and I have parted ways for the time being, she and her mother are now reunited after so long, and I have successfully collected the missing part of my soul after traipsing around what seems to be hell for trapped souls.

There’s not too much to say about what I’ve done the last few days, only that I still need to give these three Elder Scrolls to Urag, along with these cUrious Falmer books. Although, I may venture back into the Soul Cairn to find the rest of these documents that someone wrote while there.

For now, however, I think I may focus on dungeon crawling. That really seems to be the best focus of my skills at the moment, I think. Although, I did stumble upon an Admeri Dominion hide away. I may spend the next few days investigating their activities, and seeing what I can do to stop them.

Dark Brotherhood contracts are seemingly cycling around through familiar territory for me, but I honestly don’t mind that one bit. It gives me a chance to hone my skills a bit on the repetitive missions. Also, out of Curiosity, my brother asked to read one of the Scrolls. I am hesitant to do such, but I believe if I take him to that place where I read those three scrolls, he may be able to divine something from them safely.

I also have a cUrious candle mold that I picked up somewhere, I might start investigating that to see what it’s for. Alternatively, I have picked up various personally owned items on bandit raids. I may start using my Thieve’s Guild contacts to see about returning these items to their owners.

> Dwarven Time

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