Madness and Vacations

10 Nov


…I’d rather not talk about the fact that yet another daedric prince has set his eyes on me…and yet…

This “Sheogorath” was actually quite humorous to some degree, being the ‘Prince of Chaos’ as he is called in legend. That said, I don’t appreciate the fact that the man who sent me in after this fellow didn’t tell me who his “master” was to begin with.

…What a pain this has turned out to be.

In any case, I’m currently stumped on a nordic dungeon puzzle, and am heavily considering using this “Shabaawok” or “Wabbajack” or “Shabawaba” item I ‘received’ as ‘reward’ for ‘treating an insane man’s mind’ on this particular gate.

I doubt anything would actually happen, but regardless, this puzzle is getting on my nerves! The controls for this gate seem to be absurdly hidden! Why am I even here? To blow off steam? To practice for the sure-to-come resumed war?

Meh. Doesn’t matter. I put off delivering that crown for so long I can put off delivering this ax for just as long.

An ax. Come on Ulfric. An AX?

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