[OOC] Plans for the Future

05 Nov

Hiyya everyone!

I feel that I’m reaching the end of what I can do with Calliope at the moment, as she’s completed most of her main quest line excluding the Civil War line, and besides the misc quests lying about she’s yet to finish along side the DLC’s which I’ve yet to buy, she’s pretty much done with her story.

So I feel that it’s time I do something a bit…Innovative, as it were.

Some of you might be familiar with the Let’s Play style of online videos, and some of you might also be familiar with the “Freeman’s Mind” Machinima that was started years back…

Basically, I have a new computer with a lot of power to it, and I’m thinking of doing a run through of Skyrim with Caliborn instead of Calliope. I’d be voice-acting him, and basically be doing a run through of Skyrim with all these mods in play– as well as the DLCs, once I get around to buying the bloody things.

SO yeah! That’s my plan. I’ve got some stuff to figure out in regards to all of this, like video editing, and such, but I’m going to be trying this one day, hopefully soon, just for my own enjoyment. If people like it, well, that’d be great! It’d be a separate universe, of course, but only to the degree that, as far as the siblings go, Caliborn was chosen to go to Skyrim over Calliope.

Anyone have any comments on this? Should I actually make it a video series, or should I stick to doing journal entries, just from a different POV?

Thanks for reading,


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One response to “[OOC] Plans for the Future

  1. Pyrelle

    November 5, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    I think a video series would be pretty cool. Someone tried it a while back but never followed thorough with it.


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