26 Oct


Well, it’s done. The emperor is dead. Completely. A nice man, a shame he had to die, which was why I fulfilled his final request- not because I promised that I would, no, but because it felt like the right thing to do. With that out of the way and the payment received, I returned to Riften to hire a contractor from the Thieve’s guild to restore the new Sanctuary. I Do love what he’s done with the place. Nazir also has found some new initiates. Oh, how time flies. Wasn’t it just weeks ago that I was in that position? It seems being Dragonborn lets me pull off some rather…Incredible things.

Like what, you ask? Well…For example… Convening a peace conference between the Stormcloaks and Imperial leaders for a temporary truce so that the Dragon menace could be dealt with. One mention of Alduin the Coward’s name, and Ulfric agreed to a meeting at High Hrothgar.  General Tully was just as easy to convince, “You can negotiate land!” Heh, and so they came. The Blades, though I do not recall inviting them, also showed up, along with some Thalmor observer. Ulfric almost left at her presence, I convinced him otherwise, of course.

What a boring thing, negotiating a peace treaty. Ulfric and Tully both questioned whose side I was on- though Ulfric more than The good General since he would not even speak to me unless I was a member of the Stormcloaks. Oh, and joining the stormcloaks required me to retrieve a Crown from a Draugr tomb to give to Ulfric… Which I still have on me. When I restart this “War” it will be on my terms– thus the answer to that question. I am on no-one’s side but my own– as Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. As far as I’m concerned, ours is the only noble job around anymore.

And of the Thieve’s guild? Hah. My plan is simple: Once I’ve taken care of Alduin, tracked him down like the coward he is, I will take over their little guild from the inside out, as my foot is already in the door. Heh. They won’t know what’s coming until it’s too late. As Listener, I will ‘subsidize’ them, and make them a branch of the Brotherhood. I do believe that will be most…beneficial to both groups, don’t you agree, journal? Oh, but for now I must close this entry- I have a dragon to capture, thanks to the Jarl of Whiterun’s courtesy… Oh, and the cease fire he himself requested before allowing it. Oh, if only you knew, Jarl, just who exactly you made Thane of your hold.

Dragon Odahviig, prepare yourself! For your name is about to be called, and the Reckoning of your master Alduin The Coward is at hand. This is MY endgame scenario for you, “Devour-er of Worlds.” Once you’re out of the way, pesky insect, I will riddle out the problems of this world once and for all.

> Immortal Demise

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