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22 Oct


But yes. Alduin. I interrupted his resurrection of a dragon recently. I ran up beneath him and shouted fire at him. And. He. Ran. Away. Absconded, shouted a thunder storm into existence and flew away into the distance before I could do a thing to stop him. The Coward. Doesn’t have the guts to face a *TINY DROW GIRL* on his own. Nope. Instead he sends dragons to attack me repeatedly! Three “Elder Dragons” Came out of bloody NOWHERE to spew flame down upon me, though I now know it to be a typical dragon greeting, but the snapping and gnashing of teeth? Nope. Definitely attacking. Elder Dragons. Come on.

Alduin, really? You send your mooks to repeatedly try to kill me- the DOVAHKIIN- when I’ve proven that I can handle any Dragon you send my way? Well… Since you *RAN AWAY*, I’m just going to go with the Blades into this ancient headquarters to see how I can knock you out of the sky? Oh? A shout? Well, that seems anti-climatic. Anyways, Back to the subject at hand- Apparently all I had to do to get everyone (Even the bloody animals) to stop hating on me was to spend my penance in jail. Go figure. The Blades led me to a temple of theirs, old and ancient and forgotten- Sealed by Dragonborn blood lock. Hah. Go figure.

Anyways, apparently I need to learn this “Dragonrend” Shout. So I went to speak to the greybeards, who… Don’t know it. So they sent me to speak to their leader… A DRAGON HIMSELF! …And he STILL Didn’t know the bloody shout! What the hell? Now I have to find one of these “Elder Scrolls” to “Look through Time” to learn the Shout from those who made it! Bluh. So I went back to Riften, and did some odd jobs– fought another dragon (who died in the same spot as the last)– robbed some houses– collected some debts… And have now sneakily stolen things from a safe then subsequently burned a select amount of beehives.

Also: On the Dark Brotherhood front- I’ve become the “Listener” for the Night Mother and have picked up a contract already from her, much to our “Mistress’s” dismay at having her authority overthrown. And what is this contract you ask?

A lead in to the biggest play for power Skyrim will ever see.

> The Cards We’re dealt.

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