Letter to Home

15 Oct

[Found via indentations on pages on either side of a removed page in the journal.]

Dearest brother.

I write to you now with a page from my own journal, lacking better paper at the moment, to express some thoughts that have been on my mind for a while now, and to inform you of my current whereabouts. I am in jail. Yes, I’ll let you pick up your jaw from the table now. It may come of shock to you, but I miss your nitpicking’s ability to keep me thinking rationally.

I Fear that I tread on a dangerous path at the moment. This latest spell that I’ve found makes it all too tempting to do things… It feels like I’m cheating in a sense. Freezing time, hitting and killing enemies without giving them time to react. Also, of note, I’ve joined the Dark Brotherhood. Please don’t tell our parents, or let them read this letter. This is for your eyes only, Caliborn. They’ll only worry if they find out I’ve gotten in over my head. My two assigned kills thus far have lead to three deaths and the assault of several guards. If ever we were to trade places, oh how I wish this were the time.

I fear that the more dragons I kill, the more dragon like I become. No, I’m not growing scales or wings, you idiot. I mean that my soul is beginning to become corrupted. It’s just so…hard not to break out of this jail cell this very moment. I have things to be done. I can’t, I’m not that person, I– I just can’t do this as I am. I’ve taken so many lives now… Please, brother, tell me what I should do?

You can tell mum and dad that I’m fine. I’m trying to stay out of trouble, I really am. Trouble just seems to find me instead. Oh, and tell dad that I’m sending some Dwemmer metal and pieces to him at my earliest convenience (with my next letter, probably), all of it torn off with the hammer he gifted to me. I’ve really gotten quite skilled at using it, too! I can kill a Draugr with one swipe now. It used to take so long before.

I’ll be sending some of the more interesting armor I’ve come across thus far as well. I just need to get it back first to do that. Some glass and ebony armor. A nice obsidian shield as well.

Please, brother, write back as soon as you get this. Just tell the courier to come find me, they seem to be able to do that up here. Probably a Clairvoyance Spell Map or something. Heh… I do truly miss you, Calib. But as it stands now, I must wonder which of us was the more corrupting influence on the other. You or I? It always seemed that you were the worse one, but perhaps this dragon soul of mine was the source of our problems all along?

What do you think?

With Love, Calli.

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