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08 Oct


There simply was so much that I’ve done now… I really should have stopped to write it all down at some point sooner than this- would be fresher in my memory, I think. But alas, I can’t really write it all down action for action. Sorry, historians. I wound up taking on a list of hit kills, the second of which I really should have done better. I wound up killing the man opening a museum in Dawnstar when he attacked me for killing my contract hit. Damn it. I was hoping to avoid this.

I stayed in jail for killing him, and was about to leave town when a dragon attacked. Bloody HELL! Why do the Divines hate me so? For some reason, instead of attacking the Dragons, EVERY SINGLE GUARD decided to attack me instead! WHY? Idiots. I paid them off so I could face the Dragon, and *THEN* they helped to fight. Then it ran away. So I chased after it. Then It swooped down to the town boarder, and we dueled. Once I slayed the dragon, they all stood gawking. Every single guard just walked up…made a line in front of me…

And I shouted at them. Repeatedly. Whoops. Bounty was back. So, I froze time and ran away. Luckily, they didn’t realize what had happened until it was too late. But still. Really, Dawnstar guards? Really? You know, I feel like going back there and killing every single guard. Just to spite them. But I probably won’t. Even so, I feel like this is the continuing trend of a downwards spiral for me. The more Dragon Souls I absorb, the more it seems like I’m *becoming* a dragon. It makes sense that I am, due to my own soul…but… It’s becoming hard to differentiate the different memories swirling inside my head now. What are mine, and which are the dragons?

It’s so hard… Sorry. I apologize for the water stains. It’s hit me hard all of a sudden how far my own life has changed since I left home. If I returned home right this instant, would my family even recognize me? … I’d probably as foreign to them as those Dwemmer constructs I fought just recently appeared to myself. I’m not sure what to make of all of this…there’s still some inherent good in me… I interrupted that execution, now I remember why, because it was a little girl’s uncle on the chopping block. I fought because of that girl, I even gave her some of my gold… Why? Why was that all it took?

Once I get out of jail, I’ll return the sword I went through that Dwemmer ruin for, and then…perhaps…I don’t know. I feel like I should do something more… Bloody Dragons. I can’t sit still for this long… I’ve been in non stop motion since I left Morthal. I re-killed a half-revived spirit! I Slaughtered Trolls and Dragons alike. I’ve killed Giants for no good reason. …I….I…

I miss my brother.

> More Jail?

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