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01 Oct


Oh my brother would be laughing right about now as I revealed that last fact. “Oh Callie” he’d begin. “I didn’t know you swung that way!” and then there’d be a mighty guffaw as he jokingly would say something I really shouldn’t be writing in this journal- in case any prying young eyes were to read it. Continuing on, Ysolda told me that the “wedding” was in some place just afar from Windhelm. As I leaved, the head of the Whiterun guard stopped me about some kind of bounty that I had incurred on my head. Having no idea what it was I did, I simply explained to the man that I had no clue what it was that I did, being drunk at the time, and paid him the fine for whatever damages I had caused. He seemed reasonable enough, especially considering that I’m still apparently the Thane of this hold…Whatever a Thane is, I’ve never been told exactly what.

I found the “Wedding” easily enough… and was quickly slain by the “party guests”- More Necromancers than I could shake a stick at. Again I ask: What did I *DO* the other night? Regardless, I took the opportunity of being in the area to visit Windhelm- a quaint place, if a bit prejudice against other species. As I wandered, I heard rumors of someone casting the black sacrament, in order to summon the Dark Brotherhood of all people! What’s more, upon actually investigating, I heard that it was a *CHILD*! So I went into his house.

The lad was near around my own physical height, though slightly taller by a bit, and had mistaken my appearance as a Dark Brotherhood assassin showing up to answer his prayers! Oh if only he’d known… Regardless, He told me his mother had died, and due to that, he had been shipped off to an orphanage in Riften- run by a cruel woman with a moniker “The Kind.” He had escaped her cruel hands, returned home, and performed the sacrament with his own mothers body…The poor boy. I felt sympathy for him, so I played the part of an assassin, and accepted the contract.

Riften- A wretched hive of scum and villainy– And now dragons as well. The moment I stepped through the gate, a dragon swooped down from the heavens to begin its attack. Fire rained down upon the town, and everyone pulled their weight to knock the dragon down from his perch in the skies. I, having been fed up with the last dragon attack, threw my own arrows in with the bunch. Somehow the Dragon got knocked down and had his snout wedged into a bridge. Stuck! I ran over and finished the job with the pogo hammer, snapping the dragon’s neck due to the force– and then it died by this dragon-soul eating thing that I can do, apparently.

Heh, everyone around just stared at me in awe and shock. I had just slain a dragon with a light show! I even gave a beggar a coin out of the spur of the moment feeling! Oh what a rush that feeling of devouring a Dragon’s soul is. My body felt invigorated and supercharged- so much so I barely made note of the fact that the dragon had died right outside the orphanage. Of all the luck!

In the chaos that ensued in removing the dragon’s corpse from the bridge, I sneaked into the building… “The Kind” did not fit this woman one bit. I felt angry just seeing her treat these children like slaves- even claiming that they wouldn’t be adopted! Oh I’ll show her- Once I settle this civil war, I’m coming back to adopt each and every one of these kids. But first…First things first…I followed the woman into her room, and told her that the “Dark Brotherhood has come.” She scoffed, told me to leave for wasting her time…

Then I closed the door and brought my hammer down upon her back. Not painless, I should hope, by the scream she made as she fell to the floor. Suck it up, hag! Vampires have held their tongue in the face of this weapon better than you just did! …then the door opened, and the kids saw me standing over her, holding the weapon that had taken her life…


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