Rocking Out to the Classics

01 Oct


I write to you now having begun spiraling down a treacherous path. Having explored the ruins before me at the end of the last entry, I found a key and fought several of these ‘forsworn briarhearts’ that were guarding the ruins.  Ruins, and not a tomb, that was nearby. The lock mechanism was cleverly hidden by using a sword as a key. Clever indeed.

This “Red Eagle” was a Draugr, whom was very, very foolish. How so? During our fight, he had me in his sights, where upon one shout could have finished me…And then spun around and wasted that shout on the far wall. “What just happened?” I asked. Alas, upon raiding the nearby chests, I believe I found my answer- a spherical construct resembling me of a multi-sided chance die that upon touching it, told me to take it to the top of a mountain. I’ll get to that soon enough, deity, don’t you worry. I make sure to follow through on my quests…once I’m sufficiently ready, that is.

Having done this, I found my way to Rorikstead, whereupon the owner of a goat told me off that I had guts for returning to the town. After some talking, I found out that, in my drunken state, I had stolen and then promptly *SOLD* a goat to a giant– well, that explains the giant’s toe in my inventory. The owner told me he’d tell me the rest if I got him his goat back. So I went to the nearest giant settlement…and promptly got stuck on a cliff face as a giant and two mammoths tried to kill me for trespassing. I had no choice at first- I couldn’t escape without them hunting me down.

I spent the entire night shooting arrows and firing ice blasts at them- after some time it became…almost of a challenge to try to take these four down. Persistent fellows, I’ll give them that. Once I’d slain them all, however, no trace of the goat could be found anywhere in their camp. …And so as the sun rose, I went to explore the remaining hill sides for any sign of the poor thing.

I promptly ran into a man who had been bitten by a vampire, I of course had no cure for it on hand, so he ran off to the nearest town- I followed, having nowhere better to go. It was then that I stumbled upon a giant…walking a goat as if it were a dog. One Ice form Shout and a swift hammer swing latter, and the giant was dead as it reached the bottom of the hill.

The owner was overjoyed to see his goat returned, without a scratch, and gladly told me that I had stolen the goat to pay off a woman in Whiterun- Ysolda. Wait, wasn’t she who I gave the mammoth tusk to? A brisk return to Whiterun yielded a long conversation in which I learned many things and subsequently lost my temper. I had stolen a ring from her, for which the goat payment was to pay Ysolda back with, inorder to give it to my ‘fiance,’ and no, not groom. Fiance. A girl.

What in the name of the Nine did I do the other night?


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