Appologies and Payments

30 Sep


I apologize to my fUtUr readers for any mis-spelled words or miswritten phrases. I have had one oif those days where things dont seem to go right at all. I am cUrrently nUrsing a hangover from two drinks. TWO. wha.t was even in that stUff anywayz?

Ahhem. To ah, rewind a slight bit… I exited whiterun to go investegate a bandit camp at the end of a stream I had been told there was a boUnty on those within. I managed to takeon theiir oUtside gUards eaasily enoUgh, and the one fool inside feel easily enough…foUr times. AlthoUgh one thing DID come of fortUne… They had collected three Mamoth TUsks, which made one of my many, many tasks easier. The three remaining bandits inside the cave….well….

I managed to take oUt all bUt their leader on my last try…his sword has a fire enchantment which makes killing him a most…difficUlt pain. his goons were easy to take down with some strategy, bUt not him. After that, I decided to give those necromancers in the sUnken fortress a visit, as two of my qUestsz coincided in that location.

I won, and emerged victoriUs from the rUins with both Shalidors writings and AzUras starr, however broken the thing cUrrently is. From there, I decided to visit a nearby island which had a stone structUre on it. Another of the many stone totems that give blessings to people who Use them. This one being the “Lady Stone,.” heh

A dragon attacked me the moment i stepped foot on the island, i dont know how the bloodU thing foUnd me…bUt it did. caUtioUsly, I rewoUnd to the past, jUst before i went to the island and checked the environment. No Dragon in sight. So I made a checkpoint and went to the island. It came oUt oaf nowhere. bloody dragons.

I escaped post haste, and foUnd myself soon Under siege by wolves…and a Thalmor prisoner transport. Sticking it to them, i freed the prisoner and then was swiftly killed. my Hammer did nothing to their armor. absolUtly stUnning. I rewound back to being Under attack by the dragon.Going a different path, i managed to get to whiteruns western watchtower. Where I took a fUw minUteds to enchant some better armor inside my haven bag…

when i emerged enraged necromancers were waiting to kill me. bloody oblivion. how could this day get any worse? tUrns oUt, engaging in a drinking contest with a man at the local tavern was the worst move I coUld make. when I awoke, i was half way across Skyrum, inside a temple id apparently trashed in my drUnken stUppor. after appologizing and paying for the damages, i found out id mentioned something about rorikstead and went to find the man id been drinking with.

i have no clUe where I am besides it being “Markath” or something like that. i dont properly care aboUt the spelling right now. All i care about right now is finding my way through to…wherever rorikstead is. right now i stand outside some bandit camp held up in a cave. the name is familiar, red eagle, i think its one of my quest locations. though i dont remember accepting it…perhaps in my drunken state? …Meh.

> Rocking Out to the Classics

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