Short Days Long Problems

14 Sep


Ugh. This has turned out to become one of *those* days after all. You know the ones.

I wrote my letter and sent it off, but I still needed to wait for the spell to wear off. And as I did such, I investigated some of the problems I’ve somehow become entangled with inside the College. One of which is recovering a staff so that I can get a personal amulet back. The man just wouldn’t stop going on and on about the same blasted thing as if I’d actually asked him about it.

Oh, and when the practice spell wore off, I stupidly agreed to…well… Actually. I’m not going to write about that. Much too embarrassing. After that, I went in search of a lead I’d uncovered following the mage Aranea’s advice. Bloody hell, I had to pay him all of my remaining money just to get a word in edgewise. Broke. The advice I received made me want to hunt down the object we discussed for my own personal uses in enchantment rather than returning the object as I might have once intended to. A soul gem that doesn’t break after enchantment? I’m listening.

Since I was in the area, ish, I took the time to trek back to the dig site, through a blizzard mind you, just so I could find that bloody word wall. Also in the area was a chest with random items inside, thankfully maintaining some gold coins inside. With that found, I hiked back, and sold what items I could to the local merchant. I may have depleted their own on-hand reserves of coin just a smidge, but I managed to give them some valuable objects in turn. They’ll easily be able to make it back, I think.

But for now…I’m tired of all this snow, and I’m tired of all of this questing. I might hire a carriage back down to Whiterun or Riverwood to warm up a bit.

> Off to see the Augur

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