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26 Aug


Regardless, our conversation was soon interrupted by that Dominion fellow…Said someone was asking for me by name- I didn’t catch who it was exactly. But when I arrived in the Arch mage’s office, much to my surprise, time slowed down and the man who wished to speak to me was the same one who had spoken to me in the vision I’d seen in the ruins where we’d found the “Eye!”

In short, he told me that the sphere needed to be moved, and that it was only a matter of time before someone tried to use it for dark purposes. Because it had been found in the first place, the “Order” he was from had been unable to send me more visions, so the man had come in person to deliver the message. Nice of him, considering he was breaking his orders own rules.

He then sent me on my way and pretended as the Dominion fellow approached as if he’d made some sort of mistake by summoning me. Potentially, he was pretending that he’d called for “Calliope” not know he was asking for the wrong person. Of course, the Dominion fellow wasn’t having any part of it. Saw straight through the lie, if I do say so myself.

As the Order man went off, being escorted by Dominion Fellow, I ran off to find some more info on the things going on, and look into the words the Order man had given me. It wasn’t much of a long search, although I fear I may have bitten off more than I could chew, considering I’ve gained two new quests to follow up on. I swear, I’m just a trouble magnet. Brother dearest would probably laugh at my indecisiveness- and my foolishness.

I currently sit with a green aura floating around me thanks to one of my classmate’s spells not properly working. I’d agreed to the venture, but oh well. I can feel it fading already. Probably will wear off in another ten minutes or so. I do wonder how my Brother would have dealt with all of this. He’s certainly more one for planning ahead than I. I’ve blindly rushed into things that he probably would have played out in his head ten thousand times by the moment he stepped into a room.

Oh well. I do hope he’s faring well. Home was quite… tumultuous when I left. Father’s quest for his “SORD…” had practically driven a wedge between him and mother when I agreed to go after it. I do hope they haven’t fallen into fighting. Brother would probably snap if that went on for too long. He’s nearly done it a few times already… Then again, I have to wonder if perhaps he’d fare better at this than I?


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