Hurried Patience

25 Aug


May I make it official just now?

I hate the Flame Constructs these novice necromancers have summoned. Of the three I’ve encountered thus far, one was slain by a coincidental dragon passing over head (I took the long way around due to a Giant wandering the area and was pleasantly surprised to watch said dragon obliterating the novice ice caster and his fire-woman companion from behind closed walls.) From there, I descended into the castle ruins, and explored quite thoroughly, although all these necromancers are getting on my nerves.

I’m writing now as quickly as I can, so I apologize for any mistakes in writing. I’ve hidden in my haven bag just outside of reach of yet another Fire construct. Literally just within reach- but thankfully out of sight. I’ve died nearly five times already by this creatures hands alone. My previous strategies have failed thus far, so I’m going to try something a bit different…

A whirlwind sprint followed by repeated pogo bashing.

If it works or not, I do not know, but it’s all I’ve got so far.

Despite these novices being only novices, they’ve proven to be quite a threat in significant numbers. I’ve had to change my own personal stratiges attack patterns multiple times already to compensate. Also, I found the poor lad who had stolen the books I currently quest after. I was going to send the lad on his merry way back up to the surface upon finding that he had been betrayed, and was potentially going to be turned into a vampire (I’ve seen many of their like thus far) had I not intervened…. He convinced me otherwise and stuck with me for a few moments…Up until the next wave of necromancer novices slayed him, and nearly myself a few times.

May your soul rest in peace, my fellow mage- I am truly sorry for leading you to your unnecessary doom, but I could not have held them off without your help.

Okay. I think I’ve wasted enough time here, I’m going to go for it. If I succeed or not is up to fate to decide. But one way or another- I *WILL* get past this stupid Flame Construct!

> Whirlwind Hammerfalls

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