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13 Aug


After this point, things got tiring. Hiking through the mountains tiring. I took a visit to the Shrine of Azura, whose sole guardian said that she had seen me coming, and gave me a warning about a place in danger of water but not *IN* danger of water. Oh dear. I remember that place. A bit too late, miss, Just a * smidgen* too late.

After I left, I decided to hunt for these missing books- an endeavor which was helpful in the surveillance department, but not in the actual progress department. A waste of time all around. However, after dying at that point, I returned to Whiterun via another harrowing cart ride (the man simply refused to let me out, even after his horse nearly overturned the cart trying to climb *OVER* a wall) and used my Haven Bag to sort out how I was going to sell things.

After which I ended up dis-enchanting some mage robes I had gotten my hands on, and then proceeded to enchant some steel armor with the *same* enchantments. So now I’m wearing Mages combat armor. That’s novel. I do think the wholesale value went up by some degree. I wonder how much I can add onto it?

Oh well, nothing to worry about for now. I have a handful of soul gems, a newly purchased Soul Trap spell, and a world of dungeons ready to raid. But for now, I think I’ll just curl up in my portable home and sleep for a while.

> Hurried Patience

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