Ruins and Necromancers

30 Jul


Seem to go hand in hand. Today as I left the Inn, I passed a man who warned me not to go through a certain Northern Pass through the mountains for reasons I didn’t quite catch as he absconded quite quickly. Of course, my interest was piqued, and I went searching for the thing. I’d missed the whole name, and despite it being written on my map, I had no clue where the blasted thing was.

So, I passed by Bleak Falls Barrow again- Riddled with bandits again. Quite a pain. But this time the ones at the near tower met their end quickly by my hammer. I also got some quick practice in with my new bow. I do think my archery is increasing well enough if I can one shot two wolves at a distance.

Eventually, after passing some Giants, passing some rather interesting puzzle ruins, and spotting a dragon in the distance, I found the Pass. I soon found out why there were warnings away from this place: Skeletons and A Petty soul gem guarded the Northern entrance, the latter blasting ice at me to the point that I was caught off guard by the second skeleton. That said, upon rewind, my new Dwarven bow seems to be quite adept at taking out Skeletons silently.

I’d ascended a set of stairs, and quickly spotted another skeleton lounging around. He took an arrow to the chest, and knew no more once again. Surprisingly, the Necromancer in the room with it took no notice of the skeleton’s collapse. I’d have expected him to have come running at me with all he had…

Nothing. So, Instead, I ran out to greet him. My hammer managed to smash him around his own lair quite a bit- although I think my last blow was a bit over zealous. Why, you ask? Well…He went sailing out of the room and tumbled down the stairs I myself had just climbed. He was dead on impact. By the nine, I should be warning the people around me about these infernal things! That’s twice now an enemy of mine has fallen down the stairs to their doom!

Alas, I cleared the pass, and found myself out in the middle of a rain storm. Blasted thing got me soaked in an instant, but that was fine. I went for a quick swim not too long later, and found some sunken ruins. A former tower that had been ravaged at one point, and then sunken into the lake. I entered to get a brief respite from the storm… And found my rewind ability charging itself at the warning before me- A metallic skeleton hanging crucified against a support beam.

Cautiously, I explored the ruins, and soon found fires lit all over the place. This was INHABITED. I wanted to get out, but my curiosity got the better of me- and I found myself dueling three apprentice necromancers. I killed two, but was slain by the third. I rewound back to the entrance and absconded back into the storm. Bloody necromancers and their ruins. I swear I’ll come back one day to finish them off.


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