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24 Jul


It was raining by this point, and all I wanted to do was get a good night’s rest. So I returned to the inn, and then slept ’til morning, where I set out again. No dragons this time, though I had a most peculiar dream. Possibly from that ice dragon’s memories.

I set out as soon as I could, and, using my new Clairvoyance spell, managed to track my way down to the Bandit’s hideout. There was a guard posted, but he soon went flying off behind me when I over powered the “Get over here” Spell. Whoops. Entering the cave, I found myself accosted with bandit after bandit until finally I found this Kematu character. I was prepared to fight him when he suddenly asked for a momentary truce.

He explained that the woman that had ‘hired’ me to come here had betrayed his own people to the Aldmeri Dominion! No wonder she was so wanted. The very thought of the people (I’ve done my research) has always made my blood boil with the rage of a dragon’s fire…And now I know why.

We agreed to lay a trap at the Whiterun stables. I was to lead the traitor out of the city somehow, and he was to arrest her. So I did. My heart was pounding the whole time, but eventually she was captured with a paralyzing spell. There’s not much to say on the matter. I was paid 500 gold, and I returned to the inn for some well deserved rest which I think sounds rather nice right now.

Hello bed. How I’ve missed thee.

> Dejavu

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