Assassination Attempt.

23 Jul


I sit now in an inn in Whiterun. The Bantered Mare? Battered? I’m not quite sure and I don’t quite want to get up and check right now. At the moment, I’ve just returned from eating a very nice meal and now sit on a bench near the fire as I write.

I decided to follow up on that bounty note, and left for …Rorickstead? Orickstead? I’m not certain of the spelling or enunciation at the moment. As I headed out on my way, I passed the daughter of the Jarl, who asked me, if I was heading to Whiterun, to deliver a note to Danica Pure-Spring at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. I accepted as I had no clue if I would pass by Whiterun or not on my way.

As I left town I spoke to the local cart’s driver and asked him for a map book of the cart lines, as I moved on however, I passed a wandering group of bodyguards and their charge facing a group of small frostbite spiders. I lent them my aid, and over heard them talking of a wedding of some sort that they were headed to. Solitude I believe. If I ever make my way there, I’ll have to see about that.

The Journey I took was long and out of my way, as I was relying on my brother’s compass, which I now suspect to have been enchanted with a clairvoyance charm, I ended up climbing the mountains for my most direct path. In the end, I ran into a bear. The poor thing went sailing into the air with one hit from my Pogo hammer. I do apologize mister bear! I meant you no harm!

As I continued, several Mudcrabs (Horrible creatures) attacked me. One hit from the hammer was all that was needed to dispatch them. (Incredibly, if struck from above, the springs from the hammer force the poor recipient into the ground, dealing a double strike from above and below.) I also passed a bandit hideout, though I wisely stayed away.

As night fell, several bandits from that camp, I suspect, followed me out and tried to rob me. My hammer and ax finished the job. Also, my healing spell is getting more use recently. It’s quite an aid. Although…Not quite so against an assassin. Apparently someone’s put a hit out on me via the Dark Brotherhood. I found the note in the man’s pockets after I’d flung him into the distance and then finished him off once I’d had a chance to heal.


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