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23 Jul


I Don’t have a clue as to who could want me dead. Apparently failure was not an option for the poor assassin, as the note noted. As it turns out, it was. I continued on my way, and was harassed by many wolves on my travels. The poor things. Why do they seek the taste of Dragonborn so much? I feel sorry for the things.

Eventually, I consulted my map, and I found myself near Whiterun again, nowhere near the town I’d originally headed out for. Quite a pain, but I decided it was not for waste, and switched tasks to delivering the note as promised. I quickly found the temple, and gave the note to its recipient. We began talking, and somehow I found myself tasked with the restoration of the tree in Whiterun’s center! However, after a night and a day’s journey, I located the inn and decided to sleep until morning, so that I could sell some of the junk that I’d collected on my travels.

In the morning, I did as such, and then moved on to Dragonsreach, intending to find this “Master” Of time and space. And find him I did! He sold me a spell tome, one Clairvoyance, and as I moved to leave, I found a spell tome lying around- Something innocuously named “Get Over Here.” Nobody seemed to want it, so I took it.

As I moved to leave Whiterun, I gave the Clairvoyance spell a try. I have to continually cast it in order to get a continuous path. But a mere fraction of a second was enough to lead me straight into my next quest- Fetching the family sword of a man who had lost it to a pack of bandits…A Pack of bandits who now controlled that bridge that I had passed by before on my way to High Hrothgar.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a bridge they were asking for toll money, but a ‘way station’ where they charged travelers for use of the roads. Why if I’d known that sooner, I would have come back sooner. But alas, things worked out fine for me this way. I decided to use my Dragon Shout, Fus Ro, for practice, along with the odd “Get Over Here” Spell. By the decaying moons, I don’t think I could have survived if I hadn’t had that spell. It is- in essence- a gravity pull spell.

By which I mean, the targets the spell hits are PULLED directly to me. Well…Directly to meet my Ax anyways. I managed to pull two of them away from their posts before they managed to alert their leader, giving me all the time I needed to sneak across the bridge to their little hide out and then ambush the last two bandits at the bottom of their stairs. I Fus Ro’d them to surprise them, and then dragged them both down the stairs with the spell where I was easily able to pick off the chief.

The other man? Died falling down the stairs. I don’t think I even hit him with my ax once! Needless to say, I searched every room and every dresser and chest before I found that sword. I was loaded down with books by the time I finished, but I did manage to find several minor health potions to heal me should I need them.

I sold the books this morning, and went to meet the Master again, this time buying an Ice spell off of him. I’m not quite sure what it does yet, but It should be helpful in future battles. And so after having eaten…Breakfast I suppose, I sat down and wrote these last few entries. I’m not sure where I’m going to go next, but I believe that I’ll see about finding that bounty target next. It irks me that he’s avoided my grasp so far…

> In Time of Need

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