Seven Thousand Steps

20 Jul


After hanging around Whiterun long enough to gather supplies, I finally left without seeking an Inn. At this point, my sleep addled brain really had no intention of falling to sleep despite my body’s protests. There was something… invigorating about absorbing a Dragon’s soul. And so I took off on foot down the road, following the sights pointing to Riften and Ivarstead, the latter of which is closer to High Hrothgar, at the base of the mountain it rests upon actually.

Traveling to the top took a long time, a better part of the rest of the day and a whole night. During which time I used an Ax to fend off several wolves that seemed to want a taste of dragon soul. I passed a bridge ‘guarded’ by bandits who wanted me to pay a tax for crossing the bridge (Which I Did not want to do). Against my better judgement, I believe I tried intimidating them, and then fled the scene once I took down two of them leaving only an archer behind.

Furthermore, I ran into those Redguards that had been thrown out of Whiterun before. They were harassing another Redguard woman (whom one believed to be the one they were looking for) who turned out to not be the one they were looking for (something about a missing scar). I have a dreadful feeling about these two Redguards. Fate would not throw them in my path twice for no good reason.

At several points, I resorted to my rewind ability to mark forks in my path, in case I happened to take a wrong turn down the wrong road. In one peculiar instance, a ‘nord’ (who I believe to have been another bandit) rushed out of nowhere to attack me for simply walking the path. I had to rewind from that point in order to save myself from death.

Eventually, after an evening’s journey, I reached Ivarstead from behind, having swum across a small lake at it’s narrowest point to reach it. I’ll have to thank my brother for the compass and map set (if albeit somewhat outdated. The map doesn’t even have any visible roads marked on it!) he loaned me the next time I see him. Reaching this village would have been impossible without it.


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