Riften – Den of Thieves and Liars

20 Jul


Taking the cart to Riften was easy enough. But getting in- And subsequently OUT- would be a bit of a challenge. Mostly the “in” part. You see, they have a “Visitors tax” which is complete hogwash! 107 gold coins? Highway robbery! But, in the state I was in at the moment, I could have cared less. I called the guard on it, but paid the ‘tax’ regardless.

Riften is not what I expected. It is a wretched Hive of scum and villainy. Apparently a “thieves guild” resides here, and is in charge, despite there being a Jarl. A woman nearby when I entered was complaining of the corruption, and before I could get any further from there, a man accosted me and tried to warn me of…something. I wasn’t really paying attention at the moment.

I was more focused on recalling my fathers instructions for recovering the “Sord…”, something about town square? I shrugged the man off, barely making note of his promise to be at the docks later for future avoidance, and walked past conversation after conversation, and men and women alike trying to haggle me into different ‘odd jobs’ (One of which was outright thievery! The man should be ashamed of himself asking a child to do his dirty work!) I finally found the town square and met the woman in charge of the stall that my father had said sold the “Sord…” (And is it EVER shitty. As previously noted, I can barely hold the thing in my hands.) and, much to my surprise, she had a hammer for me as well. A “gift from my father” apparently for getting all this way here.

This Hammer, “Pogo hammer” as the Price tag (This thing is VALUABLE! And I got it for free?) states, is your average hammer, made out of a metal I’ve never encountered before… With a green slimer ghost on the top. This little character makes this weapon look absolutely GOOFY! But… Is it ever powerful.

Why, you ask? The Springs. This hammer’s ends are simply blocks of metal attached to the main head with *SPRINGS.* Springs I tell you! This thing can send a vampire flying into the distance with just one hit! (Trust me on this one. I’m not making it up.) But putting this aside, I absconded from Riften as soon as possible and consulted my map for the location of the tomb. A town called…Morthal I believe it’s spelled was the closest any carriage ride would take me to my destination.
(I wound up passing through Riverwood on the way, and so I returned the golden claw to the shop owner at the same time. Sorry for writing this in the margin, but I completely forgot about it until this moment.)
And so I left on my way. Morthal is a long ways away from Riften, so this time I managed to get some sleep on the carriage ride there. When I arrived in Morthal it wasn’t a moment too soon. Could you believe my luck? As soon as I arrived, a Bloody FROST DRAGON attacked. *TWICE.* And no, I do not mean in rewind. I and several guards men managed to shoo the dragon away with our arrows once. And after -maybe- a minute’s reprieve, the Dragon returned to finish the job.

>Frost Breath

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