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20 Jul


I’ll admit that my next string of actions would be considered hypocritical by my brother. I’d often times not wanted to use my rewind ability for my own gain during our even younger years, and yet… I stood outside the Jarl’s house, and I marked the time and place that very evening in my memory before I returned to the inn and went back to sleep until morning. Consider it cheating or not, I returned to the Jarl and asked where Helgi’s ghost may have been hiding.

The Jarl said that the girl may have been hiding in her own grave, Just behind her own house…Which was where I encountered the Vampire. Cue my face meeting both of my palms. Immediately I rewound to that moment the night before and stormed back out to the back of the town. As I exited, I passed a man asking about the whereabouts of his wife. I had no clue sadly, and moved on to approach the vampire. With a smug sort of indifference, I used my hammer to send the Vampire flying out into the nearby rock cluster, while I went to investigate the coffin.

Child sized. And Helgi was inside. She was telling me, in that same muffled voice from before, “get rid of Laylet! Don’t let her find me!” or something to that degree, it was hard to tell, to be honest. But if this “Laylet” was doing something…Vampire like to the girl’s corpse, then of course even if she was over in the rocks a good distance away she would have a hold on her. So I went to the rocks to find “Laylet” and I began my attack. A quick burst of fire and a slash from my ax finished the job.

I investigated the coffin, and Helgi began to tell me something, but I couldn’t hear it as the man from before approached and discovered that “Laylet” was dead- and also a vampire. His exclamations were so loud that I missed what Helgi said, the poor thing, and by the time he was gone, so was the girl’s ghost. With a sigh, I rewound and hurried faster, ignoring the man entirely as I raced to the scene of battle.

A Burst of fire and my ax finished the poor vampire off before she had a chance to even cast a spell on me or use her sword. I ignored her falling body and immediately went to talk to Helgi. This time I managed to pick up on the fact that *someone* (whose name I could not hear) had ‘kissed her on the neck’ and the fire suddenly didn’t hurt any more. There was only ‘cold.’ By the dragons themselves- She was a VAMPIRE! The Fire wasn’t an accident at all. It was to cover up this vampire presence in the town!

Before I could ask her to clarify, the man from before appeared, and discovered his wife yet again. This time, I managed to interrogate him on the happenings surrounding his wife’s disappearance. He told me that they all had thought she had joined the stormcloaks, but obviously this was not true. Also, he said that his wife had been hanging out with an “Alva” or “Ava” in the week before she disappeared, and had been supposed to meet her on the day she disappeared, but Alva said she Didn’t meet her.


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