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20 Jul


The facts began to fit together to me, especially when he mentioned that Laylet had HATED Alva just before they started hanging out. So I cautiously ventured. “What if they did meet?” He had an adverse reaction to that. “Surely you don’t think she’s a vampire!?” I sadly had to say that it was a possibility we could not ignore.

And so Now I stand outside the Jarl’s hut with a moral¬†dilemma. The man who survived his family’s death was now LIVING with Ava/Alva, and if Ava/Alva was responsible for his family’s death by turning them into vampires…! The Problem I face now is that I have no proof- The only ones who could have testified to the Jarl are dead now, and the husband of Laylet refuses to believe me about Alva’s vampirism.

Loathe as I am to admit it, the man in Riften who tried to get me steal for him was partially in the right. The only option I have now is to break INTO Alva’s house and find some sort of proof of her vampirism. But Alva is out and about at night, while her ‘live in’ stays in, and the inverse is true during the day. I’ve already attempted the break-in in an offshoot and that Lock is beyond my meager skills, furthermore, the guards were upon me almost instantly.

I know I have the right to do this by sake of the Jarl asking me to investigate, but it just feels WRONG. I am not a thief! I am not a criminal! But what else am I to do? This is the only option I have left. I have an idea though. The Master of “Time and Space” back in Whiterun. If I can get enough coin to buy his time freezing spell, should he even actually EXIST, then Perhaps I can freeze time long enough to pick the lock and enter the house.

I realize how hypocritical that sentence must read if you are reading this, Brother; especially when you remember all the times that I’ve turned down your own demands to use my ability for your own good…If you were here you most certainly would have no problems with this ‘quest’ what so ever.

But if you’ve made it thus far, I’ve caught up to my current life with this journal. I have a lot thinking to do. Hm… there was a bounty reward poster I saw a little while ago. I might investigate that… But I’m afraid to leave this town unguarded. What if the dragon returns? What if Alva steps up her plans? I need to work this out as soon as possible.

>Assassination Attempt

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  1. Pyrelle

    July 20, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    It just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work, I love how you’re writting this.


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