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Upon returning to Whiterun and giving the Dragonstone to the good man who sent me on my way, Irileth approached along with a guard and dragged me to the Jarl, where the Guard proceeded to inform both of us that a Dragon- Mirmulnir was his name- was attacking the Western Watchtower, near where I had originally found Space. The Jarl tasked Irileth and I to fight the dragon, and together with an accompaniment of guards armed with bows and swords, we left for the tower.

It was the dead of night when we arrived, and the tower was destroyed, although much of it stood remaining. At first Mirmulnir was nowhere to be seen. But then… When we entered the tower, one of the surviving guards warned us that it was still about- Hiding. Moments later, the dragon descended from above and began breathing fire at us. I can hardly believe it myself, but we survived with only minimal casualties.

But only just barely.

Most of the time, I stayed within the tower’s confines, shooting arrows as best as I meagerly could at the flying attacker. Once we managed to get it grounded, having shot its wings full of arrows, the real fight began.

In earnest, the dragon attacked with its fire breath and for a short while, I lost sight of everyone else. A moment of panic came over me. I was the only one left. But I realized that, much like before in the dungeon, my rewind ability would most likely send me back to before the fight. But I didn’t want to risk it. I made a mental note of the time frame’s exact moment, and then I began my attack.

The dragon, grounded as it was, was directly outside the exit/entrance to the ruined tower. I was directly inside that door frame’s protection…Then I leaned out and fired an arrow. Mirmulnir took a moment to react, but when it did, he fired fire at me. I ducked for cover, and waited it out. Then I repeated the process. We traded blows for a long while just like that. And then he began to change his tune. He’d wait for me to duck out of cover to fire at me.

In the end, I was hit twice, and I only barely managed to fire off that last arrow.

I could feel the rewind ability powering up, as if I were about to keel over any moment.

Then the impossible happened.

The dragon’s corpse began to burn up. It’s skin and flesh and muscle burning away as it’s life force…Drained out of it and into me.

I had no clue what was happening, but the only thing I did know was that my rewind began to power down, and I felt…somewhat restored. I stood there for a moment, almost dazed as I felt…something dwelling within my own memories. Something that wasn’t mine. Memories of the dragon that I had just killed. His name and one of the words from the wall suddenly made sense. Mirmulnir was his name, and the first word was “Fus” Or “Force.”

> Dragonborn

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