19 Jul


It was around this point that I realized that just after the dragon had died, The sun had risen, thus explaining why my wounds were healing slower. I was still mostly in shock up until this moment, How long had that fight actually taken? I wondered, but I realized that I had no clue.

As I approached Whiterun, A voice could be heard, echoing throughout the land: “DOVAHKIIN.”

The Greybeards were summoning me to High Hrothgar, but at the time, I had no clue that this was what was actually happening. I entered Whiterun as quietly as I could, which wasn’t very much effort considering that a guard was kicking two Redguards out. The duo were merely looking for a friend of theirs who was supposedly in the city… Now that I think about it I may have seen who they were looking for, but I’m not that desperate for money.

As I worked my way back to Dragonsreach, people would either offhandedly comment that I looked sick and that I might have a disease (Such an annoying tick. My young, child’s blood should naturally keep me from catching any such ailment) or blindly asking if it was true that I had killed a dragon and was Dragonborn. But naturally, neither put two and two together to make four- I’d just come from fighting a DRAGON. Of course I would look tired and/or sick!

And it was exactly around this point that I realized that I had been up for several Days Straight without a hint of sleep! One of the first things I was going to do after informing the Jarl of the dragon’s demise was find an inn and get some rest. Among other rumors in town beyond the Dragons was that a man calling himself “The Master of Space and Time” or something like that was staying at Dragonsreach for the foreseeable future.

The rumors surrounding this man included that he sold spells that would let you freeze time, or become able to throw someone away with a single flick of a finger. My tired brain at this point made a note to find this “master” and see what spells he had to offer, if any. Finally, arriving in Dragonsreach, I informed Whiterun’s Jarl of the tower’s destruction and the dragon’s demise.

He made me a Thane for my actions, and…What does this job entail exactly? I’m not quite sure. But in any case, I could not find this “master” on my visit, and decided to hunt around for a carriage to complete the main task my father had given me- Getting to Riften to find this “Sord…” of his.

>Seven Thousand Steps

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