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14 Jul


This is DTC/CalumTraveler here, and, a few months back, I FINALLY got Skyrim. Yes. I know. WAY behind on the times here. BUT: Only recently did I actually decided to dig into the game and see what it had to offer.

Offffffff course, I only did such because I discovered some AWESOME mods (Exploding chickens? HEEK YES.)  and decided that instead of playing a vanilla character, I’d just dive right into the deep end and see if I could swim with some hefty challenging mods.

Number one, of course, being the Drow Race mod which includes a Child version of the species.

What’s more challenging than a height challenge?

So, that’s what I did. I started a fresh build of Skyrim with the Drow Race mod (and several others, although I’ll get to them later) and made a character. First off, I was just scrolling around with the settings to see what I could do with these smaller characters, and when I made the character….I forgot to mess with the gender slider, leaving it as a girl character. >_<; So, going off of that, I just rolled with the punches and named it “Calliope” after a character recently Named in the webcomic Homestuck.

I didn’t do so well, only barely managing to defeat the first dragon at a measly level 3.

So when I decided to replace an existing mod that I was using with a new one, and it caused some issues in the save files…

I just decided “Screw this.” and made Calliope over again. This time intentionally honing the character design to look more like the character from Homestuck.

And thus, this story begins.

EDIT: Oh, One last thing. I’m playing the in-game Save feature as a pre-learned spell and/or naturally born ability that Calliope will have known for some reason, possibly because of the game plot of being “Dragonborn” and/or because all game protagonists have a ‘snap back’ spell or something. As the Drow race comes with a few spells already learned, I figured this would be fitting for the plot, at least.


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