Getting ahead again.

14 Jul


Sorry, I seem to digress quite a lot it seems. I never thought myself to be much of a writer or a speaker, yet here I am filling page after page with text. But to resume the story, Ralof led me to a town called Riverwood where we could find shelter. The owner of the mill in that down heard of our escape of the dragon from Helgen, and tasked me to head to Whiterun to speak to the Jarl there about getting protection from any dragon invasions.

As it seemed a good idea to split up at this point, so as to not draw too much attention to ourselves during the cool down period of Helgen’s destruction, I took the job and went on my way, leaving Ralof behind for the time being. Although he did try to invite me to become a Stormcloak once more, I am not sure if that is what my destiny holds just yet, so I simply said that I would think upon it and left just before the sun began to set.

My race is naturally more inclined to thrive in the dark, and one of our naturally born abilities is to be allowed to see in the dark should we wish. The journey itself did not seem to take long however, and I approached Whiterun just around sunset, thus not even needing the ability to make the trip, much as I prefer not to use it. As I approached however, something…curious happened.

An explosion, high up in the air, caught my attention, forcing me to look up.  Then a voice could be heard yelling “space” distantly, then closer, and closer, until finally I saw this streak of light falling from the sky. It quickly impacted somewhere near a tower, and I went to investigate.

The object that fell from the sky was this curious metal sphere with a yellow eye. It calls it self “The Space Core” although my feeble knowledge of lore would describe it more as a piece of Dwemer technology. It’s quite an intriguing object, for sure. Always jabbering on about “Space” and “Portals” and “Moon rocks.” None of which makes *ANY* sense to me at all. He’s quite an amusing fellow to have with me on my adventures. If I need a good laugh, I just pull him out and listen to his jabbering.

But back to the tale at hand, this Sphere had crashed into an abandoned house, landing smack dab in the middle of the fireplace. The poor thing was covered in soot from landing, I believe. But before I could do anything to help the poor fellow, a rascally bandit appeared! She was trying to rob me for all my gold. I’m guessing she saw Space fall from above as well, and came to investigate. Just an unfortunate coincidence I assume.

She really made the first mistake even approaching me, let alone trying to rob me. Let us just say that her armor is now the best that I own and that she won’t be making that mistake again.


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