A measly beginning.

14 Jul

~~At the cross roads I currently face, I decided it was high time to use this journal of mine (thank you brother) for more than recording quests and marking the passage of time via the ‘rewind’ ability I’ve had since birth. (So many pages X’d out, it would make brother weep for the loss of the fine paper.)

To begin, I suppose it’s only fair to introduce myself should this journal fall into the hands of someone archaeologically inclined should I die in a wrong timeline. (I’m unsure if my little ‘ability’ even works in that way, but I’d like to keep the chances of it low.)

My name is Calliope, and that is all you need to know.

To make a long story short, I appear to be something called “Dragon born” according to Nordic legend, and “Dovahkiin” by the Greybeards. My Father would be very amused to hear of this, considering that he was the very one to put me on this quest.

What quest?

Why it’s very simple: Retrieve an “incredibly shitty weapon” from a shop owner in Riften, located somewhere deep within Skyrim’s borders. This quest has already been achieved, but I find myself lingering. Surely this “Sord….” isn’t that desperately needed within my father’s collection just yet. After all, he had no clue where Riften was other than that it was somewhere in Skyrim.

To ease up on the details, he runs a ‘mystery shop’ of strange surface items, something clever and witty and very obviously a tourist trap to those in my local community, but we love him for it just the same. This “Sord” is just the latest in a long line of his acquisitions,  and holding the thing in my hands now I have to wonder just WHY anyone would even MAKE such a thing! It’s craftsmanship is dreadful and worry-some, I can barely hold it!

If I find a messenger, I’ll be mailing this thing back to him as soon as physically possible.


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